One Second Everyday Project

Some of you may know Si and I filmed 1 second a day during 2013 and we completed it in January creating a 6 minute movie of 2013. Si found out about the project and downloaded the 1SE app at the beginning of last year and it was so much fun and a fantastic way to remember a whole year. I am taking a break from it now but plan on taking it up again at some point this year, I can imagine it being such a cool thing to show your children.

I really encourage anyone to do it, it’s really easy and all done on your iPhone through the app. This is the 1SE official website: and the app is available to download in the apple app store.

So here is my year from January 9th 2013 to January 8th 2014, I hope you like it!

If you’d like to see Si’s, take a peek at his blog post here.

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A Stanway House Wedding – Jilly & Jase

The lovely Jilly & Jase got married on a super sunny day last year in the gorgeous Cotswolds. I can honestly say they are one of the nicest couples I’ve ever met. They only live down the road from us in Leamington and we’ve now adopted them as friends too, they’re stuck with us!

Jase is from Australia so loads of his family and friends made the journey over to celebrate with them. Cool little nods were made to the English/Ozzy pairing in the stationery (designed my very talented friend Hannah Hubbleday of Love Doodle) and the wedding favours, which were jars of vegemite and marmite (I’m a marmite fiend personally, I love the stuff!). Stanway House is a gorgeous location, a beautiful barn situated in the historic gardens of the main house, which boasts the tallest fountain in Britain.

Jilly looked effortlessly stunning in her dress and I think most of us shed a tear or two during the church ceremony. The day was filled with hazy sun, laid back beers, chilling on hay bails, delicious food all topped off with plenty of ‘Jäger-bombs’ and a dance session and a half.

Congratulations again Jilly and Jase, thank you for having us at your wonderful celebration, it was glorious, and we’re so glad we can call you our friends now too.

Here are some of my favourites from the day, hope you like them!

CotswoldsWeddingPhotographer_0001 CotswoldsWeddingPhotographer_0002 CotswoldsWeddingPhotographer_0003 CotswoldsWeddingPhotographer_0004 CotswoldsWeddingPhotographer_0005 CotswoldsWeddingPhotographer_0006 CotswoldsWeddingPhotographer_0007 CotswoldsWeddingPhotographer_0008 CotswoldsWeddingPhotographer_0009 CotswoldsWeddingPhotographer_0010 CotswoldsWeddingPhotographer_0011 CotswoldsWeddingPhotographer_0012 CotswoldsWeddingPhotographer_0013 CotswoldsWeddingPhotographer_0014 CotswoldsWeddingPhotographer_0015 CotswoldsWeddingPhotographer_0016 CotswoldsWeddingPhotographer_0017 CotswoldsWeddingPhotographer_0018 CotswoldsWeddingPhotographer_0019 CotswoldsWeddingPhotographer_0020 CotswoldsWeddingPhotographer_0021 CotswoldsWeddingPhotographer_0022 CotswoldsWeddingPhotographer_0023 CotswoldsWeddingPhotographer_0024 CotswoldsWeddingPhotographer_0025 CotswoldsWeddingPhotographer_0026 CotswoldsWeddingPhotographer_0027 CotswoldsWeddingPhotographer_0028 CotswoldsWeddingPhotographer_0029 CotswoldsWeddingPhotographer_0030 CotswoldsWeddingPhotographer_0031CotswoldsWeddingPhotographer_0046CotswoldsWeddingPhotographer_0047 CotswoldsWeddingPhotographer_0032CotswoldsWeddingPhotographer_0033CotswoldsWeddingPhotographer_0034 CotswoldsWeddingPhotographer_0035CotswoldsWeddingPhotographer_0036CotswoldsWeddingPhotographer_0037 CotswoldsWeddingPhotographer_0038CotswoldsWeddingPhotographer_0039CotswoldsWeddingPhotographer_0040CotswoldsWeddingPhotographer_0041 CotswoldsWeddingPhotographer_0042CotswoldsWeddingPhotographer_0043CotswoldsWeddingPhotographer_0044CotswoldsWeddingPhotographer_0045 CotswoldsWeddingPhotographer_0048 CotswoldsWeddingPhotographer_0049 CotswoldsWeddingPhotographer_0050CotswoldsWeddingPhotographer_0055 CotswoldsWeddingPhotographer_0051 CotswoldsWeddingPhotographer_0052CotswoldsWeddingPhotographer_0053 CotswoldsWeddingPhotographer_0054 CotswoldsWeddingPhotographer_0056 CotswoldsWeddingPhotographer_0057 CotswoldsWeddingPhotographer_0058 CotswoldsWeddingPhotographer_0059 CotswoldsWeddingPhotographer_0060 CotswoldsWeddingPhotographer_0061 CotswoldsWeddingPhotographer_0062 CotswoldsWeddingPhotographer_0063 CotswoldsWeddingPhotographer_0064 CotswoldsWeddingPhotographer_0065 CotswoldsWeddingPhotographer_0066 CotswoldsWeddingPhotographer_0067 CotswoldsWeddingPhotographer_0068 CotswoldsWeddingPhotographer_0069 CotswoldsWeddingPhotographer_0070 CotswoldsWeddingPhotographer_0071 CotswoldsWeddingPhotographer_0072 CotswoldsWeddingPhotographer_0073 CotswoldsWeddingPhotographer_0074 CotswoldsWeddingPhotographer_0075 CotswoldsWeddingPhotographer_0076 CotswoldsWeddingPhotographer_0077 CotswoldsWeddingPhotographer_0078 CotswoldsWeddingPhotographer_0079 CotswoldsWeddingPhotographer_0080 CotswoldsWeddingPhotographer_0081 CotswoldsWeddingPhotographer_0082

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California Selfies

Sometimes there’s nobody around to take your photo, but that’s OK :-)
Here are a collection of the selfies we took on our travels in the USA, some on our iPhone, some on our lovely Canon.
More photos and a little video of our road trip will be coming soon!

California Selfies_0001

California Selfies_0002

California Selfies_0003

California Selfies_0005

California Selfies_0004

California Selfies_0006

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Amanda, Olly & Ben

Meet the very adorable Amanda, Olly and the latest addition 2 week old Benedict!


I shot Amanda and Olly’s wedding a couple of years ago and it was such a pleasure to go and see them again to take some photos of cute little Ben and them all together as a new family. The day was rainy and grey so we stayed inside and found some delicious light in the warm cosy house.

BabyFamilyPhotographyLeamington-002 BabyFamilyPhotographyLeamington-004 BabyFamilyPhotographyLeamington-005 BabyFamilyPhotographyLeamington-006 BabyFamilyPhotographyLeamington-007 BabyFamilyPhotographyLeamington-008 BabyFamilyPhotographyLeamington-011 BabyFamilyPhotographyLeamington-012 BabyFamilyPhotographyLeamington-015 BabyFamilyPhotographyLeamington-016 BabyFamilyPhotographyLeamington-017 BabyFamilyPhotographyLeamington-020 BabyFamilyPhotographyLeamington-021

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Chocolate Orange Chip Cake – Rock My Style

The fabulous Rock My Style Blog was launched last week from the folks that bring you endless wedding loveliness, Rock My Wedding. Make sure you check in every day for lots of gorgeous and stylish lifestyle inspiration.

I had the pleasure of doing some photos for a few of the features including this gorgeous cake (made by Charlotte from Buttercream and Dreams) which I wanted to share with you, it looks and tastes divine.

Here is the link to the recipe Below are some pictures to tempt you into making it, you can thank me later.

RMS_baking-012 RMS_baking-013 RMS_baking-018 RMS_baking-022 RMS_baking-025 RMS_baking-056

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The Wedding Industry Awards 2014 – My Client’s comments.


As you may have seen on a previous blog post, I recently was very humbled to win the 2014 Best Photographer West Midlands in the TWIAs 2014. A group of us from The Midlands galavanted off to London at the beginning of January for the awards ceremony and although I unfortunately didn’t win, we had a fab time and a few to many wines! Congratulations to all the winners too.

Thank you to all my lovely bride and grooms that voted and left such lovely feedback, I wanted to share some of them with you. It really means a lot to have such wonderful and kind comments, it makes me feel very honoured to have been a part of all your amazing days.

General Comments

Anna, was a real pleasure to work with from start to finish. We are not particular comfortable having our photos taken, but Anna made us feel relaxed and comfortable and made sure we enjoyed every minute of it.

Anna is one of the loveliest people I have met. She not only made us feel completely at ease on the day and for our engagement shoot, she is now a life long friend! Her photography can’t be faulted, outstanding in every way from initial booking to final solution I can’t recommend Anna enough!

Anna was simply amazing and we could not have wished for a better photographer for our big day! The final pictures are wonderful and everyone who sees them always admires their style..

We had a pre-wedding shoot as well as our actual wedding with Anna and both were amazing. Having your photographs taken like that is quite an unusual thing for most people but Anna and Simon made us feel really relaxed and we had such a laugh! And our photographs were breathtakingly good!!

Anna was the exact style I was looking for. Her photos are superb but the client service was also incredible from the date we booked to the day we got our final photos. She was so calming to have around on the day. She completely fitted in and was just like a friend was there. The best photographer!

We loved having Anna and Simon at our wedding they went the extra mile seeking areas for shots the day before and made us feel relaxed infront of the camera. Friends and family have commented on how lovely they were.

Anna was great to work with, and made us feel totally at ease on the day! she made having our photo taken really fun. The presentation of the finished photos, was so so nicely done! Really impressed and happy with photos.

I really can’t fault Anna. From start to finish she was not only professional, but friendly. I hate having my photo taken but she made me feel so at ease that our wedding photos show the real me. They also really look like OUR photos, following the theme of our day.

Anna was completely professional as well as amazing, warm, caring, friendly, fun and just mingled with our family and friends while capturing the most amazing images I could have ever wished for. To know that I have these images for the rest of my life is just worth every penny.

Anna works in a really professional but informal way, she captures everything naturally without posing and fake smiles

Anna Clarke manages to do a very difficult thing as a wedding photographer: be present to capture the action, but generally not make her presence noticed. In addition to that, she was a kind, fun and helpful person so it was a joy to take the photos with her anyway. I really do stand by all the 10s.

We were totally struck by Anna’s photographic style from the second we saw her website. We knew she was the right person photograph our big day. She made a real effort to get to know us and understand our style and we had total confidence in her. We knew she would deliver and we weren’t disappointed

Every single image I found when researching Anna was A-mazing, and my pictures certainly didn’t disappoint. My maid of honour has since booked her – so she equally impressed everyone on the day too!

I cannot praise Anna enough. Not only is she a fantastic person she is an unbelievable photographer too! She and her husband Simon have such a friendly and relaxed approach that she really does make you feel at ease. One of the best parts of our wedding was spending time with her on our photos!

I cant describe how lovely it was to have Anna photograph our wedding, she was so professional and yet really down to earth. Anna made our day – our guests commented on how lovely she was and how she fitted perfectly into the day without being pushy/intrusive! She created a lovely relaxed atmosphere

Anna provided a first class service from start to finish and the photos of our day were more than expected – they captured our day to full effect! We also had an engagement shoot which put us at ease ready for our wedding day.

We were really lucky to have Anna and Simon take our photos. The pictures speak for themselves, but in addition they were a pleasure to have involved from the start. Always relaxed and enthusiastic, and very stealthy when working their magic around us on the day! We’re chuffed to bits with the pics.

Why They Booked

After seeing a friends wedding picture who had hired Anna as her photographer there was no question in my mind who we wanted. Anna came to our house and got to know us, what we wanted from the day and gave such a personal touch the booking was just a formality – we knew we had the right person!

When I was on her blog i just loved her photos and the way she captures moments and makes every photo look amazing. she really does have a special gift and couldn’t have wished for better photos. They are amazing and so is she.

Her portfolio was amazing and when we met her she was ACE! A few friends of mine had real trouble with their photographers and were massively disappointed in the results. But we knew this would’t happen with Anna – we had total confidence in her from the go. She’s a real pleasure to work with. Our wedding photos are amazing – we couldn’t be more pleased. Anna totally took the stress out of this element of our wedding. All of our family and friends are thrilled with the results. We can’t wait to get an album done! I’ve been recommending Anna to everyone who needs a photographer! I think she truly deserves to win this accolade.

I saw previous work that she had done and was very impressed by the breadth of style. A lot of photographers’ work looks the same no matter what the wedding, but Anna’s really took on a life of it’s own for each wedding she shot.

Because her style suited mine and she is totally amazing at what she does as well as being a really kind, funny, lovely person!

Recommended by venue and her website was impressive but mostly because we loved the look of her photographs. They were cool and happy looking rather than the traditional posed kind you normally associate with wedding photographs.

Annas website and branding felt like something we would love we are both designers and she had great style. We felt happy with our decision from the start and it was reinforced after a Skype chat where we realised her website and blog was a true reflection of her personality which is very important when you’re wanting to preserve one of the most important days of your life in pictures.

I hate having my photo taken but she put me 100% at ease. We also hired her husband to do the video – and together they were a dream to work with. becoming a Clarke myself – it also felt like destiny!

Amazing style, relaxed, got me. She is just incredible at her job x

Because her work is fun, relaxed and on trend. I knew by looking at her portfolio that we would end up with pictures to treasure forever. I forfeited my deposit with another run of the mill photographer to book Anna.

I saw pictures of other people’s wedding that she had shot and wanted our wedding to be captured that beautifully.

Loved her style.

I saw photos she had taken from a friends wedding. They are unique, contemporary and very much ‘in the moment’. I didn’t want standard ‘posing’ shots. I wanted to capture the feeling of the day which Anna does very well

I loved her past examples and after meeting her she just seemed exactly what we were looking for!

We got on really well with her at the wedding fayre, and the photo package she offered was exactly what we wanted (at a reasonable price).

Stylistic , natural , trendy and classic all roled into one :-)

We loved Anna’s work in her portfolio and from initial contact it was clear that Anna understood what we wanted and was going to be a pleasure to deal with.

Her samples on her website brought me to tears. I loved them so much

I had seen the photos from two previous weddings from Anna Clarke and they were absolutely amazing. We absolutely had to have her do our photos!

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Here’s cute little Josh. We went for a stroll in the park in Leamington last week. We had the swings, some bubbles, a football and lots of chocolate to keep us going. It was freezing but we had fun :-)

LeamingtonPhotogaphyLifestyle-001 LeamingtonPhotogaphyLifestyle-002 LeamingtonPhotogaphyLifestyle-003 LeamingtonPhotogaphyLifestyle-004 LeamingtonPhotogaphyLifestyle-005 LeamingtonPhotogaphyLifestyle-006 LeamingtonPhotogaphyLifestyle-007 LeamingtonPhotogaphyLifestyle-008 LeamingtonPhotogaphyLifestyle-011 LeamingtonPhotogaphyLifestyle-010

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Rachel & Ben – A wedding at Buckland Tout-Saints, Devon


It’s been a pretty miserable day today, the rain’s been lashing down and the sound of the howling wind just makes me want to curl up on the sofa with a hot cup of tea and an endless supply of cake and films.

So to warm the cockles cast your mind back to a sunny warm Saturday in May, set deep in the rolling countryside of the beautiful county of Devon.

Here at the beautiful Buckland Tout-Saints the gorgeous Rachel and Ben got married. Everyone basked in the sun, drank bubbles, laughed their socks off and had an all round glorious time. I have to say, how gorgeous does Rachel look? That fabulous dress, amazing hair and I’m loving her red nails too. Ben is looking pretty dapper himself, I love a grey suit. Congratulations you guys, it was an absolute pleasure to capture your day for you.

Si and I shot this together as a joint booking, which we’re hoping to do more of this and next year so ask us for more details on this if you are looking for a photographer and videographer. I’ve added the video first as it’s beautiful and you mustn’t forget to watch it.

r&b-002 r&b-001r&b-003 r&b-004 r&b-005 r&b-006 r&b-007 r&b-008 r&b-009 r&b-010 r&b-011r&b-012_01

r&b-013r&b-014 r&b-015 r&b-016 r&b-017 r&b-018 r&b-019 r&b-020 r&b-021 r&b-022 r&b-023 r&b-024 r&b-025 r&b-026 r&b-027 r&b-028 r&b-029 r&b-030 r&b-031 r&b-032 r&b-033 r&b-034 r&b-035 r&b-036 r&b-037 r&b-038 r&b-040r&b-041 r&b-042

r&b-044 r&b-046 r&b-047r&b-048_01 r&b-049 r&b-050 r&b-051 r&b-052 r&b-053 r&b-054 r&b-055 r&b-056 r&b-057 r&b-058 r&b-059 r&b-060 r&b-061 r&b-062 r&b-063 r&b-064 r&b-065 r&b-066r&b-067 r&b-068 r&b-069 r&b-070 r&b-071 r&b-072 r&b-073 r&b-074 r&b-075 r&b-076

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The Wedding Industry Awards – Regional Winner

I won! Can’t really believe it to be honest! Crazy stuff and the West Midlands is a ridiculously competitive category with so many amazing photographers here. I was dumb struck when I found out and very thankful too.

Thank you to my lovely Bride Jo for initially nominating me and then for all my wonderful couples who voted and got me through to the regional final. It was then down to a judging panel of the industries most respected to award me with the Regional Winner title! This means I’m through to the final where the national winners will be in announced at the award ceremony in January. Below is my lovely certificate!

The 2014 Wedding Industry Awards NATIONAL FINALISTWest Mid

I must also congratulate all the other West Midlands winners in all the other categories who include the following people who I know and have worked with before:

Best Wedding Hair Stylist: Natalie Bartram Bridal Hair

Best Wedding Flowers: Passion For Flowers

Best Wedding Venue: Birtsmorton Court

Best Wedding Magician: Christian Fletcher

Best Wedding Venue Stylist: Pumpkin Events

You can see a full list of the winners here

Congratulations to all the other regional winners too!

Thank you again, I’m really thrilled to be recognised :-)


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Laura & Gaz Married – A Preview

GraftonManorWeddingPhotography-001 GraftonManorWeddingPhotography-003 GraftonManorWeddingPhotography-002 GraftonManorWeddingPhotography-004 GraftonManorWeddingPhotography-005 GraftonManorWeddingPhotography-006 GraftonManorWeddingPhotography-007 GraftonManorWeddingPhotography-008 GraftonManorWeddingPhotography-009 GraftonManorWeddingPhotography-010 GraftonManorWeddingPhotography-011 GraftonManorWeddingPhotography-012 GraftonManorWeddingPhotography-013 GraftonManorWeddingPhotography-014 GraftonManorWeddingPhotography-015

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