Brockhampton House Wedding – Billy & Piers

BrockhamptonWedding-001I LOVED Billy and Piers’ Wedding. It was just such a beautiful setting at Piers’ family home in Worcestershire. It’s a magnificent house set on the gorgeous Brockhampton Estate, with the church just a short stroll down the drive. Billy and Piers are quite possibly the loveliest people on the planet and we had a real giggle with them. The weather was glorious and Billy looked fabulous in her dress and check out that statement necklace, hellooo. Piers’ mum made nearly 1000 spring rolls for the day too, amazing. Krispy Kreme doughnuts as wedding favours are also a genius idea in my opinion and Emily with The Bonkers Box ended the night with hilarity and silliness. Much of the laughter you see in the images is a result of me and Simon telling our selection of cheese related jokes, something we do often whilst working. Book now to hear our epic repertoire and get some smiley photos of your own, ha ha! No seriously…

BrockhamptonWedding-002 BrockhamptonWedding-003 BrockhamptonWedding-004 BrockhamptonWedding-005 BrockhamptonWedding-006 BrockhamptonWedding-007 BrockhamptonWedding-008 BrockhamptonWedding-009 BrockhamptonWedding-010 BrockhamptonWedding-011 BrockhamptonWedding-012 BrockhamptonWedding-013 BrockhamptonWedding-014 BrockhamptonWedding-015 BrockhamptonWedding-016 BrockhamptonWedding-017 BrockhamptonWedding-018 BrockhamptonWedding-019 BrockhamptonWedding-020 BrockhamptonWedding-021 BrockhamptonWedding-022 BrockhamptonWedding-023 BrockhamptonWedding-024 BrockhamptonWedding-025 BrockhamptonWedding-026 BrockhamptonWedding-027 BrockhamptonWedding-028 BrockhamptonWedding-029 BrockhamptonWedding-030 BrockhamptonWedding-031 BrockhamptonWedding-032 BrockhamptonWedding-033 BrockhamptonWedding-034 BrockhamptonWedding-035 BrockhamptonWedding-036 BrockhamptonWedding-037 BrockhamptonWedding-038 BrockhamptonWedding-039 BrockhamptonWedding-040 BrockhamptonWedding-041 BrockhamptonWedding-042 BrockhamptonWedding-043 BrockhamptonWedding-044 BrockhamptonWedding-045 BrockhamptonWedding-046 BrockhamptonWedding-047 BrockhamptonWedding-048 BrockhamptonWedding-049 BrockhamptonWedding-050 BrockhamptonWedding-051 BrockhamptonWedding-052 BrockhamptonWedding-053 BrockhamptonWedding-054 BrockhamptonWedding-055 BrockhamptonWedding-056 BrockhamptonWedding-057 BrockhamptonWedding-058 BrockhamptonWedding-059 BrockhamptonWedding-060 BrockhamptonWedding-061 BrockhamptonWedding-062 BrockhamptonWedding-063 BrockhamptonWedding-064 BrockhamptonWedding-065 BrockhamptonWedding-066 BrockhamptonWedding-067 BrockhamptonWedding-068 BrockhamptonWedding-069 BrockhamptonWedding-070 BrockhamptonWedding-071 BrockhamptonWedding-072 BrockhamptonWedding-073 BrockhamptonWedding-074 BrockhamptonWedding-075 BrockhamptonWedding-076 BrockhamptonWedding-077 BrockhamptonWedding-078 BrockhamptonWedding-079 BrockhamptonWedding-080 BrockhamptonWedding-081 BrockhamptonWedding-082 BrockhamptonWedding-083 BrockhamptonWedding-084 BrockhamptonWedding-085 BrockhamptonWedding-086 BrockhamptonWedding-087 BrockhamptonWedding-088 BrockhamptonWedding-089 BrockhamptonWedding-090 BrockhamptonWedding-091 BrockhamptonWedding-092 BrockhamptonWedding-093 BrockhamptonWedding-094 BrockhamptonWedding-095 BrockhamptonWedding-096 BrockhamptonWedding-097 BrockhamptonWedding-098 BrockhamptonWedding-099 BrockhamptonWedding-100 BrockhamptonWedding-101 BrockhamptonWedding-102 BrockhamptonWedding-103 BrockhamptonWedding-104 BrockhamptonWedding-105 BrockhamptonWedding-106 BrockhamptonWedding-107 BrockhamptonWedding-108 BrockhamptonWedding-109 BonkersBoxB&P_0001 BonkersBoxB&P_0002 BonkersBoxB&P_0003BonkersBoxB&P_0004 BonkersBoxB&P_0005BrockhamptonWedding-110

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The Best Men – The best DJs in town

I present to you, The Best Men. These super talented guys, who are very good friends of ours, have started up a new DJ service FINALLY after years of us badgering them to do so. Andy DJd our wedding and was quite frankly fookin’ amazing.

So, are you looking for an amazing DJ for your wedding but have been completely and utterly put off by the absolute cheese-infested ones you find on the internet or have had the displeasure of listening to at another wedding? Then look no further, you’ve found what you’re looking for. If you have a more shall we say, discerning taste in music and prefer a more edgy, alternative and modern collection of sounds in your ear-holes then honestly, The Best Men are the tailor made service that will have your wedding reception partying into oblivion. I am a firm believer your evening entertainment can make or break the night too, so don’t take the chance, just book these guys now.

You can find out lots more information on their website here The Best Men. Just drop them a line if there is anything else you need to know, Arthur is on hand to give you all the info you need whilst Andy and Steve while away the hours looking for more great music… or just sleeping/drinking (probably).

Oh, and I took some photos for them too so you can see their darling faces. What lovely chaps.

TheBestMenDJs_0001 TheBestMenDJs_0002


TheBestMenDJs_0003 TheBestMenDJs_0004


TheBestMenDJs_0005 TheBestMenDJs_0006 TheBestMenDJs_0007

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Yorkshire Sculpture Park E-shoot – Natalie & Duncan

This was a super windy/rainy/cloudy day but we still managed to have fun and they still managed to looking bloomin gorgeous. Yorkshire Sculpture Park was the perfect setting, lots of different places to shelter and have a giggle.

YorkshireSculptureParkEshoot_0001 YorkshireSculptureParkEshoot_0002 YorkshireSculptureParkEshoot_0003 YorkshireSculptureParkEshoot_0004 YorkshireSculptureParkEshoot_0005 YorkshireSculptureParkEshoot_0006 YorkshireSculptureParkEshoot_0007 YorkshireSculptureParkEshoot_0008 YorkshireSculptureParkEshoot_0009 YorkshireSculptureParkEshoot_0010 YorkshireSculptureParkEshoot_0011 YorkshireSculptureParkEshoot_0012 YorkshireSculptureParkEshoot_0013 YorkshireSculptureParkEshoot_0014 YorkshireSculptureParkEshoot_0015 YorkshireSculptureParkEshoot_0016 YorkshireSculptureParkEshoot_0017 YorkshireSculptureParkEshoot_0018

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Packington Moor Farm Wedding – Adele & Ben

This is Adele and Ben’s totally chilled wedding at Packington Moor in Lichfield. These guys are my kind of guys. They love Devon, surfing, cats, beer, food, need I go on? We had a blast at their day and I loved the rustic charm to all their details but most importantly the chilled vibe, the joyful people and the love, without going all hippy on your asses.

Here are a few of my favourites.

P.S. Totally side stepping the fact I haven’t blogged in months… ahem.

PackingtonMoorWeddingSaffordshire-001 PackingtonMoorWeddingSaffordshire-002 PackingtonMoorWeddingSaffordshire-003 PackingtonMoorWeddingSaffordshire-004 PackingtonMoorWeddingSaffordshire-005 PackingtonMoorWeddingSaffordshire-006 PackingtonMoorWeddingSaffordshire-007 PackingtonMoorWeddingSaffordshire-008 PackingtonMoorWeddingSaffordshire-009 PackingtonMoorWeddingSaffordshire-010 PackingtonMoorWeddingSaffordshire-011 PackingtonMoorWeddingSaffordshire-012 PackingtonMoorWeddingSaffordshire-013 PackingtonMoorWeddingSaffordshire-014 PackingtonMoorWeddingSaffordshire-015 PackingtonMoorWeddingSaffordshire-016 PackingtonMoorWeddingSaffordshire-017 PackingtonMoorWeddingSaffordshire-018 PackingtonMoorWeddingSaffordshire-019 PackingtonMoorWeddingSaffordshire-020 PackingtonMoorWeddingSaffordshire-021 PackingtonMoorWeddingSaffordshire-022 PackingtonMoorWeddingSaffordshire-023 PackingtonMoorWeddingSaffordshire-024 PackingtonMoorWeddingSaffordshire-025 PackingtonMoorWeddingSaffordshire-026 PackingtonMoorWeddingSaffordshire-027 PackingtonMoorWeddingSaffordshire-028 PackingtonMoorWeddingSaffordshire-029 PackingtonMoorWeddingSaffordshire-030 PackingtonMoorWeddingSaffordshire-031 PackingtonMoorWeddingSaffordshire-032 PackingtonMoorWeddingSaffordshire-033 PackingtonMoorWeddingSaffordshire-034 PackingtonMoorWeddingSaffordshire-035 PackingtonMoorWeddingSaffordshire-036 PackingtonMoorWeddingSaffordshire-037 PackingtonMoorWeddingSaffordshire-038 PackingtonMoorWeddingSaffordshire-039 PackingtonMoorWeddingSaffordshire-040 PackingtonMoorWeddingSaffordshire-041 PackingtonMoorWeddingSaffordshire-042 PackingtonMoorWeddingSaffordshire-043 PackingtonMoorWeddingSaffordshire-044 PackingtonMoorWeddingSaffordshire-045 PackingtonMoorWeddingSaffordshire-046 PackingtonMoorWeddingSaffordshire-047 PackingtonMoorWeddingSaffordshire-048 PackingtonMoorWeddingSaffordshire-049 PackingtonMoorWeddingSaffordshire-050 PackingtonMoorWeddingSaffordshire-051 PackingtonMoorWeddingSaffordshire-052

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Charlotte & Phil – Brockencote Hall – A preview

Hello! I’ve just realised I haven’t blogged since September, oops! It’s been so busy over the last few months but now we’re coming to the end of an amazing wedding year and I’ll be getting my blog on much more frequently :-)

I’ve done some previews from Charlotte and Phil’s wedding at Brockencote Hall and wow, that light! It was an ace day, we had so much fun and I wasn’t bossy to Simon at all…. ahem :-)

I’m finishing off their images over the next few days so I can post a few more soon.

BrockencoteHallWedding_0001 BrockencoteHallWedding_0002 BrockencoteHallWedding_0004 BrockencoteHallWedding_0005 BrockencoteHallWedding_0006 BrockencoteHallWedding_0007 BrockencoteHallWedding_0008 BrockencoteHallWedding_0009 BrockencoteHallWedding_0010 BrockencoteHallWedding_0011 BrockencoteHallWedding_0012 BrockencoteHallWedding_0013

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This year has been absolutely jam packed so when my mum and sister asked me to go to Austria with them for a short break I think hell yeah was my response. Although it was in the busiest time ever, it was so nice to put a pause on work, spend time with family, relax my eyes and my brain and see the beautiful landscapes. We flew into Munich, and then hired a car and drove over the border to Salzburg. We spent a day wandering around, going up funiculars, mountain lifts, eating Mozart balls (delicious), drinking hot chocolate and coffee finishing off with yummy schnitzel, fries and beer. We then took off into the mountains and lakes, rode cable cars to the top of very high mountains, drank more beer and coffee and ate lashings of goulash soup and sausages with sauerkraut. Obviously my camera came with me so here are a few of the sites we saw.

Austria_0001 Austria_0002 Austria_0003 Austria_0004 Austria_0005 Austria_0007 Austria_0006 Austria_0008 Austria_0009 Austria_0010 Austria_0011 Austria_0012 Austria_0013 Austria_0014 Austria_0015 Austria_0016 Austria_0017 Austria_0018 Austria_0019 Austria_0020 Austria_0021 Austria_0022 Austria_0023 Austria_0024 Austria_0025 Austria_0026 Austria_0027 Austria_0028 Austria_0029 Austria_0030 Austria_0031 Austria_0032 Austria_0033 Austria_0034 Austria_0035 Austria_0036

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Secret Cinema – Back to the Future

This was such a fun experience, if you ever get the chance to go to a Secret Cinema event please do, it’s so much fun and so much effort goes into it. I won’t spoil it for you by giving away too much but basically it’s an outdoor cinema experience and it’s themed all around the particular film they’re playing that year. This time around it was Back to the Future, one of our favourite films of all time. We also got to hang with our good pals Lee and Dawn from Shutterbox which was ace! No cameras or phones were allowed (so good!) so we bought a disposable and tried our luck with that. Here’s how they turned out :-)

SecretCinemaBTTF_0001 SecretCinemaBTTF_0004 SecretCinemaBTTF_0002 SecretCinemaBTTF_0005 SecretCinemaBTTF_0006 SecretCinemaBTTF_0009SecretCinemaBTTF_0008 SecretCinemaBTTF_0011 SecretCinemaBTTF_0010SecretCinemaBTTF_0012 SecretCinemaBTTF_0013 SecretCinemaBTTF_0014 SecretCinemaBTTF_0015 SecretCinemaBTTF_0016 SecretCinemaBTTF_0017 SecretCinemaBTTF_0018


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A Back Garden Wedding in Bookham, Surrey – Hannah & Chris

Here are some previews from Hannah and Chris’ wedding a few weeks back in Bookham, Surrey. It was a beautiful wedding in Hannah’s home village and I absolutely loved her flower crown, so gorgeous! So much effort went into all the personal touches and decoration and any wedding that includes a cat and a father of the bride on the ukulele is a hit with me :-)

BookhamSurreyWedding_0001 BookhamSurreyWedding_0002 BookhamSurreyWedding_0003 BookhamSurreyWedding_0004 BookhamSurreyWedding_0005 BookhamSurreyWedding_0006 BookhamSurreyWedding_0007 BookhamSurreyWedding_0008 BookhamSurreyWedding_0009 BookhamSurreyWedding_0010 BookhamSurreyWedding_0011 BookhamSurreyWedding_0012 BookhamSurreyWedding_0013 BookhamSurreyWedding_0014 BookhamSurreyWedding_0015 BookhamSurreyWedding_0016 BookhamSurreyWedding_0017 BookhamSurreyWedding_0018

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Charlotte and Phil – E-shoot in Hartlebury

The very gorgeous (and very lovely) Charlotte and Phil get married in a couple of weeks at Brockencote Hall in Worcestershire. I can’t wait, The Bonkers Box will be there too which is always lots of fun!

We went out for their pre-wedding shoot at Charlotte’s god-parents house in Hartlebury, the gardens and fields were fab and their über cute little dog Gus came along too, he even decided to try out swimming for the first time :-)

Here are some of my favourites.

















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Kat & Giz – An e-shoot in Leamington Spa

Oh how we laughed! We had so much fun at this laid back sunny e-shoot in Leamington a couple of weeks back with Kat and Giz. We ended it at the fun fair on the waltzers where what I can only describe as a mad smoking zombie woman intruded on the ride… I’m still laughing about it now!

Kat & Giz get married at the fabulous Compton Verney in a couple of weeks and I can’t wait :-)

LeamingtonSpaEshoot_0001 LeamingtonSpaEshoot_0002 LeamingtonSpaEshoot_0003 LeamingtonSpaEshoot_0004 LeamingtonSpaEshoot_0005 LeamingtonSpaEshoot_0006 LeamingtonSpaEshoot_0007 LeamingtonSpaEshoot_0008 LeamingtonSpaEshoot_0009 LeamingtonSpaEshoot_0010 LeamingtonSpaEshoot_0011 LeamingtonSpaEshoot_0012 LeamingtonSpaEshoot_0013LeamingtonSpaEshoot_0014 LeamingtonSpaEshoot_0015 LeamingtonSpaEshoot_0016

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