A Back Garden Wedding in Bookham, Surrey – Hannah & Chris

Here are some previews from Hannah and Chris’ wedding a few weeks back in Bookham, Surrey. It was a beautiful wedding in Hannah’s home village and I absolutely loved her flower crown, so gorgeous! So much effort went into all the personal touches and decoration and any wedding that includes a cat and a father of the bride on the ukulele is a hit with me :-)

BookhamSurreyWedding_0001 BookhamSurreyWedding_0002 BookhamSurreyWedding_0003 BookhamSurreyWedding_0004 BookhamSurreyWedding_0005 BookhamSurreyWedding_0006 BookhamSurreyWedding_0007 BookhamSurreyWedding_0008 BookhamSurreyWedding_0009 BookhamSurreyWedding_0010 BookhamSurreyWedding_0011 BookhamSurreyWedding_0012 BookhamSurreyWedding_0013 BookhamSurreyWedding_0014 BookhamSurreyWedding_0015 BookhamSurreyWedding_0016 BookhamSurreyWedding_0017 BookhamSurreyWedding_0018

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Charlotte and Phil – E-shoot in Hartlebury

The very gorgeous (and very lovely) Charlotte and Phil get married in a couple of weeks at Brockencote Hall in Worcestershire. I can’t wait, The Bonkers Box will be there too which is always lots of fun!

We went out for their pre-wedding shoot at Charlotte’s god-parents house in Hartlebury, the gardens and fields were fab and their über cute little dog Gus came along too, he even decided to try out swimming for the first time :-)

Here are some of my favourites.

















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Kat & Giz – An e-shoot in Leamington Spa

Oh how we laughed! We had so much fun at this laid back sunny e-shoot in Leamington a couple of weeks back with Kat and Giz. We ended it at the fun fair on the waltzers where what I can only describe as a mad smoking zombie woman intruded on the ride… I’m still laughing about it now!

Kat & Giz get married at the fabulous Compton Verney in a couple of weeks and I can’t wait :-)

LeamingtonSpaEshoot_0001 LeamingtonSpaEshoot_0002 LeamingtonSpaEshoot_0003 LeamingtonSpaEshoot_0004 LeamingtonSpaEshoot_0005 LeamingtonSpaEshoot_0006 LeamingtonSpaEshoot_0007 LeamingtonSpaEshoot_0008 LeamingtonSpaEshoot_0009 LeamingtonSpaEshoot_0010 LeamingtonSpaEshoot_0011 LeamingtonSpaEshoot_0012 LeamingtonSpaEshoot_0013LeamingtonSpaEshoot_0014 LeamingtonSpaEshoot_0015 LeamingtonSpaEshoot_0016

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Henry & Liz – Broadway Tower

We spent a lovely couple of hours with Henry and Liz at Broadway Tower near Broadway in Evesham. They are the parents of the very lovely Jilly, whose wedding I shot last year (see here). Even though it was a wee bit cloudy and cold, we had a really fun time out with their gorgeous dogs and rounded it all up with a glass of wine in Broadway.

BroadwayTowerPortraitShoot_0001 BroadwayTowerPortraitShoot_0002 BroadwayTowerPortraitShoot_0003 BroadwayTowerPortraitShoot_0007 BroadwayTowerPortraitShoot_0008 BroadwayTowerPortraitShoot_0004 BroadwayTowerPortraitShoot_0006 BroadwayTowerPortraitShoot_0010 BroadwayTowerPortraitShoot_0011 BroadwayTowerPortraitShoot_0012 BroadwayTowerPortraitShoot_0005 BroadwayTowerPortraitShoot_0013 BroadwayTowerPortraitShoot_0014 BroadwayTowerPortraitShoot_0015

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Carla and Owen – An E-shoot at Bushy Park, London

We headed down to sunny London for Carla & Owen’s e-shoot a couple of weeks ago. We frolicked in the lovely Bushy Park, ate ice-cream and generally had a merry old time! I can’t wait for their big day down in Devon in a couple of months time :-)

BushyParkEshootLondon_0001 BushyParkEshootLondon_0002 BushyParkEshootLondon_0003 BushyParkEshootLondon_0004 BushyParkEshootLondon_0005 BushyParkEshootLondon_0006 BushyParkEshootLondon_0007 BushyParkEshootLondon_0008 BushyParkEshootLondon_0009 BushyParkEshootLondon_0010 BushyParkEshootLondon_0011 BushyParkEshootLondon_0012 BushyParkEshootLondon_0013

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Lara & Chris – A wedding in Feckenham – preview

Lara and Chris had a beautiful wedding in Lara’s home village of Feckenham, Worcestershire. Her parents house made the perfect setting for the fabulous marquee. Lara looked stunning in her Jenny Packham dress and after a few showers in the morning the sun made an appearance, hurrah! Congratulations Lara and Chris.

BackGardenWeddingFeckenham_0001 BackGardenWeddingFeckenham_0002 BackGardenWeddingFeckenham_0003 BackGardenWeddingFeckenham_0004 BackGardenWeddingFeckenham_0005 BackGardenWeddingFeckenham_0006 BackGardenWeddingFeckenham_0007 BackGardenWeddingFeckenham_0008 BackGardenWeddingFeckenham_0009 BackGardenWeddingFeckenham_0010 BackGardenWeddingFeckenham_0011 BackGardenWeddingFeckenham_0012 BackGardenWeddingFeckenham_0013 BackGardenWeddingFeckenham_0014 BackGardenWeddingFeckenham_0015 BackGardenWeddingFeckenham_0016 BackGardenWeddingFeckenham_0017 BackGardenWeddingFeckenham_0018 BackGardenWeddingFeckenham_0019 BackGardenWeddingFeckenham_0020

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A wedding at Wethele Manor – Becky & Ian – A preview

Fun, colour, cranes, laughs, silliness, lurrrve, and a cute dog, this wedding had it all!

Here are a few (OK quite a lot) previews from the day, congratulations Becky & Ian!

WetheleManorWeddingLeamingtonSpa_0001 WetheleManorWeddingLeamingtonSpa_0002 WetheleManorWeddingLeamingtonSpa_0003 WetheleManorWeddingLeamingtonSpa_0004 WetheleManorWeddingLeamingtonSpa_0005 WetheleManorWeddingLeamingtonSpa_0006 WetheleManorWeddingLeamingtonSpa_0007 WetheleManorWeddingLeamingtonSpa_0008 WetheleManorWeddingLeamingtonSpa_0009 WetheleManorWeddingLeamingtonSpa_0010 WetheleManorWeddingLeamingtonSpa_0011 WetheleManorWeddingLeamingtonSpa_0012 WetheleManorWeddingLeamingtonSpa_0013 WetheleManorWeddingLeamingtonSpa_0014 WetheleManorWeddingLeamingtonSpa_0015 WetheleManorWeddingLeamingtonSpa_0016 WetheleManorWeddingLeamingtonSpa_0017 WetheleManorWeddingLeamingtonSpa_0018


My sister Emily and her Bonkers Box (yup) were there too! So much fun :-)

WetheleManorWeddingLeamingtonSpa_0020 WetheleManorWeddingLeamingtonSpa_0021

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A Hampton Manor Wedding – Emma & Darren – A preview

You remind me of the babe. What babe? The babe with the power. What power? The power of voodoo. Who do? You do. Do what? Remind me of the babe.

HamptonManorWeddingSolihull_0001 HamptonManorWeddingSolihull_0002 HamptonManorWeddingSolihull_0003 HamptonManorWeddingSolihull_0004 HamptonManorWeddingSolihull_0005 HamptonManorWeddingSolihull_0006 HamptonManorWeddingSolihull_0007 HamptonManorWeddingSolihull_0008 HamptonManorWeddingSolihull_0009

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Naomi & Mark – E-shoot

Here are a few of my favourites from Naomi & Mark’s e-shoot we did a couple of weeks ago at Naomi’s Mum’s house. We managed to dodge the showers and got some really cute photos with them and their cute little dog. Can’t wait for the big day now guys!

SolihullPortraitShoot_0001 SolihullPortraitShoot_0012 SolihullPortraitShoot_0002 SolihullPortraitShoot_0003 SolihullPortraitShoot_0013 SolihullPortraitShoot_0014 SolihullPortraitShoot_0004 SolihullPortraitShoot_0011 SolihullPortraitShoot_0005 SolihullPortraitShoot_0006 SolihullPortraitShoot_0008 SolihullPortraitShoot_0010 SolihullPortraitShoot_0009 SolihullPortraitShoot_0007


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Emma & Billy – A Wedding at Pendrell Hall Staffordshire – A Preview

The weather forecast for yesterday was wet all day, but the luck of the Irish was on our side and the sun shone on the beautiful Emma and Billy at Pendrell Hall. Congratulations you pair!

Thank you to my super hubster Simon and our buddies Lee and Dawn of Shutterbox, it was ace (as always) to hang out with you guys.

Here are a few previews from the day.

PendrellHallWedding_0001 PendrellHallWedding_0002 PendrellHallWedding_0003 PendrellHallWedding_0004 PendrellHallWedding_0005 PendrellHallWedding_0006

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